...magically delicious 

Lil' NorA was back on the streets slingin' sweets at the Norwich St. Patrick's Day Parade yesterday and had so much fun that we'll be heading down to the New London St. Patrick's Day Parade this Sunday 3/11 to continue the festivities.  Now that we're heading into our first Monday of this lovely month of March we'll have our Headliners making their debut - find them in store and on the truck ALL MONTH LONG. Make sure to get them while you can - there's no worse feeling than making it all the way to April and realizing that you have to wait a whole nother year to get that Chocolate Shamrock Shake. 

Why isn't Irish Car Bomb on The Headliners Menu? Because why state the obvious? We're throwing our number one all star in the case everyday this month and are basically swimming in Bailey's cream cheese frosting. Call in an order to reserve yours - that boozy nugget of goodness goes quick! 

See you at the end of the rainbow, Cake Lovers!